Yunnan Nanbao


About Pyrethrum Cinerariifolium Trev

Pyrethrum Cinerariifolium Trev, a kind of Compositae plant, originated in the Middle East, was introduced to the United States in 1876, then widely cultivated by Japan, Africa and South America. After the introduction to Kenya and Tanzania in Africa in 1940, and Australia in 1976, Africa and Australia gradually developed into two large-scale planting areas. Until now the cultivation and use of Pyrethrum Cinerariifolium Trev has been more than 150 years. Successfully introduced by Kunming Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1990s, then Pyre- thrum Cinerariifolium Trev was planted in Qujing City, Yuxi City and Honghe Hani & Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province under large-scale planting. By nearly ten years of development, with planting area up to 60 thousand acres, Yunnan has become the world's third largest producer, also the product quality has been internationally recognized.

Pyrethrum, the only insecticidal plant under intensive cultivation around the world, whose flower contains high insecticidal substances known as pyrethrins composed of six structurally similar compounds, has been worldly recognized as the safe and effective insecticidal. There is no accumulated record of pyrethrins in human bodies and animals, no passing along the food chain, no pollution to the area due to sourcing from nature and easy degradation in the nature,So although it’ s higher production cost than chemical synthesis of pesticides, it has been favored and widely used by Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries.

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